About us

Hi! Let us introduce ourselves. We are the team of obsessed. We have one thing in common — the object of admiration. Actually, two objects of admiration, two schnauzers — giant and miniature schnauzers. As a matter of fact we do not have anything different from other groups of people obsessed with other things. We also spend enormous amount of time, money and energy on our expensive hobby. We are also unable to explain what we need this all for to those puzzled outsiders. How can you explain to those indifferent that you can give a lot for this leather nose, those wire-like whiskers and shaggy pad? That the owner of all these gets so deep in the heart that you are thrilled with just one look at him. And you can give a lot just to enjoy this miracle again and again. And every time giving a peace of heart when saying good-bye to him, we again hug just another bearded miracle to again experience all the joys of having him around.

Schnauzers and Gloris kennel started in 1981. That was the giant schnauzer. And then it went on... Kennel, shows, breeding. In 1995 miniature schnauzers joined our team and rapidly filled our show life.

We all started our happy relationships with the bearded at different times. We want to tell you how Gloris kennel was established, how it is doing now. At Our Dogs page you will find photos and pedigrees of the dogs we had in the beginning. In the Articles section you can read about our past victories and find a lot of interesting and useful information. The most updated page is the News section. There we will be letting you know about our latest triumphs, show you pictures of young and promising Gloris schnauzers now shining at shows all over the world. But let us not bother you. You can see all that yourselves. Have a pleasant tour around our website!